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Category Archives: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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What If My Income Changes During a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Navigating Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a detailed and scheduled financial overhaul for individuals and businesses facing insolvency. However, the strict financial plan outlined in Chapter 13 is…

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How Long Does an Indiana Bankruptcy Take?

Navigating through the complex maze of bankruptcy can be overwhelming. It is a significant step that can have profound implications for your financial future. However, with the right…

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A Simplified Survival Guide to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Can you no longer pay your debts? Nobody wants to file Bankruptcy. However, sometimes Bankruptcy becomes necessary to start over. Sometimes life throws hardships in our paths or we…

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Can I File for Bankruptcy More Than Once?

The financial storms of life trigger most personal bankruptcy filings, and in most cases, these storms hit more than once. Medical bills are a good example. Excessive medical…

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Does Bankruptcy Take Care of Past-Due Utility Bills?

Yes and no. Past-due utility bills are unsecured debts. So, they are dischargeable in bankruptcy. “Discharge” basically means the judge eliminates the legal obligation to repay the debt.…

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The Basics of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can work as a financial do-over, but what it is not is a handout, charity, or a sign of failure. We all face difficulties, and some of…

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