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Category Archives: Wage Garnishment

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Can I File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?

The Affordable Care Act eased the medical bill crisis for many families. Nevertheless, over 100 million Americans struggle to pay high medical bills. Normally, doctors and hospitals quickly…

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Can I File for Bankruptcy if I am in the Military?

If they meet basic income and debt-related qualifications, anyone can file for bankruptcy at any time. Additionally, since these actions are voluntary petitions, most debtors can pull the…

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Can Bankruptcy Affect Your Job?

Many people believe that there is a stigma to filing for bankruptcy, and they fear that others might think they are irresponsible or taking advantage of the system.…

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What is an Automatic Stay?

Those who file for bankruptcy are granted an “automatic stay,” which means that creditors are prohibited from continuing to attempt to collect debts from them. There are, however,…

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How Does Wage Garnishment Work in Indiana?

Do you know what wage garnishment is? Many people in Merrillville have never heard of wage garnishment unless they have dealt with it firsthand. Wage garnishment is a…

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