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Local Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Problems paying debts can happen for any reason and through no fault of your own. If you are falling behind in payments and facing harassing credit collection calls, filing for bankruptcy in Indiana may help. Wondering, “How do I find a local bankruptcy attorney near me?” Look no further than Whitten & Whitten. Our team of experienced Indiana bankruptcy attorneys help clients overcome seemingly insurmountable debt. Let us help you get the fresh start you need. 

When Should I Consider Contacting a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me?

According to BankRate, the average American is nearly $100,000 in debt. Between the cost of a mortgage, car payments, credit cards, educational loans, taxes, and other debts, it is easy to see how it adds up. Maintaining even minimum payments can prove challenging. One unexpected event can quickly cause you to fall behind. 

“When should I consider contacting a local bankruptcy attorney near me?” Signs that you need help include: 

  • You have suffered a job loss, recent injury or illness, unexpected additions to your family, or other situations that make paying your debts increasingly difficult.
  • You have fallen behind on one or more bills. 
  • Lenders are tacking on high interest and penalty charges. 
  • You are facing harassing credit collection calls. 
  • Your credit score is plummeting. 
  • You are receiving notices threatening legal actions, such as lawsuits, foreclosure, and repossession. 

If you are facing any of the above, contact Whitten & Whitten right away. Our Indiana bankruptcy attorneys have solutions. 

Our Indiana Bankruptcy Attorneys Help You Make a Fresh Start

It is easy to get overwhelmed in dealing with creditors. Banks, credit card companies, and other lenders make money off your misfortune. Bankruptcy evens the scales. 

Filing for bankruptcy through the U.S. Court system protects you against creditor harassment and allows you to either restructure or completely eliminate debt. At Whitten & Whitten, our Indiana bankruptcy attorneys can guide you in the options: 

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Referred to as a liquidation, it is ideal if you do not own property or are looking to close a business. 
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: By reorganizing and lowering certain payments, Chapter 13 helps prevent losing your home, car, or other property. 

Contact The Law Office of Whitten & Whitten Today

“Is there a local bankruptcy attorney near me that offers free consultations?” Yes! At Whitten & Whitten, we will be happy to meet with you, review your situation, and advise you on the options available. Give us a call or contact our Indiana bankruptcy attorneys online and request a free consultation today.

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