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Handling the Bankruptcy Process for Clients in the Portage Area

Most people generally know what bankruptcy is, though they might not understand the specific process and how it works for debt relief. Thousands of households across the United States find a fresh financial start and peace of mind through bankruptcy every year, and this could be a solution if you are unable to keep up with your debts. 

The bankruptcy process is not a simple one, however, and errors can result in delays, the dismissal of your case, or even more serious consequences. At  Whitten & Whitten, Attorney at Law, we assist clients with every step of the bankruptcy process to ensure each case goes smoothly. Contact us to learn how a Portage bankruptcy lawyer can help you.

Evaluating Your Bankruptcy Options

Our attorney will examine your circumstances, including your debts, income, property, assets, and more. Once we can see your full financial picture, we can advise whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you. Some factors in this determination may involve:

  • The type of debt you have, such as secured, unsecured, student loans, tax debts, and more
  • Whether you have enough income to make payments 
  • Whether your financial situation is temporary or expected to continue for some time

If bankruptcy is a practical solution for your household, we will then evaluate which type of bankruptcy will work best in your situation. Consumers most regularly file under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  

Chapter 7 – This is called liquidation bankruptcy since the bankruptcy trustee has the authority to liquidate nonexempt property to make payments to priority debts. You can then receive the discharge of your remaining qualified debts.

Chapter 13 – If you have too much income to qualify for Chapter 7 or you want to protect nonexempt property, you have the option of filing a Chapter 13 case. This type of bankruptcy requires that you complete a repayment plan to the bankruptcy trustee before you receive a debt discharge.

The Bankruptcy Process

Our office handles every stage of each bankruptcy case we take on, and the process can involve the following and more:

  • Advising you on the type of bankruptcy you should file
  • Gathering the necessary information and filing all documentation with the court
  • Applying exemptions in Chapter 7 cases
  • Ensuring that your creditor abide by the automatic stay
  • Representing you at the meeting of creditors
  • Handling communications with the court and bankruptcy trustee
  • Ensuring that a Chapter 13 repayment plan is reasonable based on your income
  • Addressing any possible obstacles to a successful discharge

It is important to have the right legal representation from start to finish to ensure that you receive maximum benefits from your bankruptcy case.

Contact a Portage Bankruptcy Lawyer to Discuss Your Situation Today

If you think that bankruptcy might be a solution for you, speak with our legal team at Whitten & Whitten. Contact us to consult with a Portage bankruptcy lawyer and start on the path to financial freedom. 

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