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St. John Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Millions of households across the United States are struggling with financial stress from debt. Debt can rack up quickly, whether you had to rely on credit cards due to unemployment, or suddenly face thousands of dollars in medical bills from a family member’s illness or injury. There are many reasons why debt can become a problem before you even realize it is happening, and the important thing is to always learn about your debt-relief solutions.

One common solution for consumers with overwhelming debt is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you want to discuss whether a case is right for your household, consult with a St. John Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney at Whitten & Whitten, right away. 

The Basics of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of consumer bankruptcy, and it is often used by single adults or married couples in certain situations. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code sets out requirements to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as:

  • Passing the means test, which demonstrates that your household income is below a certain threshold
  • Meeting a residency requirement so you can use the bankruptcy laws in Indiana, such as the Indiana exemptions
  • Have debts that are qualified for a Chapter 7 discharge, which includes unsecured debts, medical bills, most legal judgments, past-due rent, and more

The case starts by filing a bankruptcy petition, in which you must include detailed and accurate information about your property, assets, debts, income, and more. Any mistakes can result in delays or even the dismissal of your case, so you want to have the help of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer with your petition and the pre-bankruptcy process. 

Once you file a petition, the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case will determine whether you have any property or assets not protected by exemptions. Your lawyer can apply exemptions in the manner that protects the most property possible, as you must give up your nonexempt property. At the end of a successful case, the court will discharge all of your qualified debts, and you will no longer have to pay on these accounts.

Is Chapter 7 Right for You?

Bankruptcy is a big decision, but it is not as scary as some people might think. Our legal team will review your circumstances and help you decide whether this is the right step to resolve your debt, or whether there might be other debt-relief options. We never pressure clients into filing for bankruptcy, but if you decide to do so, we will help with your case every step of the way.  

Learn How St. John Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

Whitten & Whitten is proud to help people in the St. John area and throughout Indiana solve financial problems. We are a full-service bankruptcy firm that will navigate the process on your behalf, minimizing the chances of delays and errors. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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