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How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

Bankruptcy can eliminate your legal responsibility to clear most, if not all, of your financial obligations. You may be able to stop the foreclosure process on your house or mobile home, providing an opportunity to rectify any defaulted payments, inhibit the repossession of an automobile or other assets (or, on certain occasions, compel the creditor to return the property even post-repossession); bring an end to garnishment, debt collection correspondence, and other actions taken by creditors to recover a debt; and reinstate or forestall the discontinuation of utility services.

Do I Need a Certain Amount of Debt to File?
What Will I Lose if I File for Personal Bankruptcy?
When Will I Get Relief from Creditor Harassment?
Does My Spouse Have to File Jointly with Me?
Who Will Know I Filed for Personal Bankruptcy?
Can I Still Rent After I File for Personal Bankruptcy?
How Do I Know if I Should File for Personal Bankruptcy?
Is Filing for Personal Bankruptcy Immoral? Does it Make me a Bad Person?
Can I Get Rid of Student Loans or Tax Debts?
Can I Get Credit After Filing for Personal Bankruptcy?
Chapter 7: What Discharge Means for Liability and Creditors?
What Debts Are Discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
What Are the Grounds for Rejection of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Chapter 7: What Happens to Secured Debt?
What Debts Aren’t Discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
What Happens After Bankruptcy?

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