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Tips for Managing Stress During Bankruptcy

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At times there is a stigma attached to bankruptcy. It is often seen as a negative situation. A person who has filed for bankruptcy is seen as irresponsible and poor with money.

However, sometimes it is necessary. A person may be off track so much that bankruptcy is the only thing that can help them get out of overwhelming debt. Bankruptcy may be seen as negative, but it can be beneficial in many ways.

You need to look on the bright side when going through bankruptcy. Otherwise, you will experience a lot of stress. Do not let the stress get out of control. Here are some ways to manage it. 

Manage Expectations

While you may not need to divulge to your children that you are going through bankruptcy, you definitely need to manage expectations with your spouse. You need to be on the same page as to what will happen in the future. You will need to create a budget and change your spending habits. You will not be able to use credit cards. You will need to make more money to get your finances under control and keep them that way.


When you are feeling down, exercise can be a great pick-me-up. Physical activity causes your body to release endorphins, which give you feelings of happiness. Exercise also helps you unwind and focus on other things. Try to aim for 30 minutes a day.

Talk it Out

It may be embarrassing to talk about your situation with others, but hiding your feelings from your loved ones will only make matters worse. Confide in someone you trust and let them know what is going on. Chances are, they will be very sympathetic to your situation. They may even be able to help you with budgeting or creating new sources of income. If you do not have someone you can talk to you, consider a therapist. Therapists can be especially helpful. Not only can they act as a sounding board, but they can also provide you with strategies for helping you cope.

Develop a Plan For the Future

You do not know what the future will hold, but if you do not have a plan in place, you will get stuck in debt all over again. It happens to many people. You can relieve stress by developing a plan. How will you make more money? What sources of income do you have? Can you sell unwanted items? It is important to have strategies in place as well as goals. Once you get out of bankruptcy, your goal should be to save up as much money as possible and avoid any future debt.

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Bankruptcy is often seen as a last resort. So when it becomes your only choice, it can make you feel like a failure. Couldn’t you have done more?

Do not let bankruptcy get you down. It is not the end. See it as a beginning. It is a process that can help you in many ways. The bankruptcy lawyers from Whitten & Whitten can assist you when deciding to file for bankruptcy. Schedule a consultation today by calling (219) 756-0555 or filling out the online form

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