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What Should You Do if a Creditor Harasses You During Bankruptcy?

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There are a lot of negative aspects about being in debt and one of the worst things people in this predicament have to face is dealing with annoying creditors who just won’t leave them alone. Some creditors, or third-party credit collection companies can be relentless in their efforts to get you to pay up. That means annoying emails and phone calls can seem to come throughout all hours of the day. There’s no question that creditors can be a real pain in the neck for anyone who holds serious debt. However, creditors do have the right to pursue payments as they please.

So is there anything you can do to put a stop to the harassment? Actually, one of the nice benefits of filing for bankruptcy is that it puts a stop to these creditors from contacting you. Creditors are not allowed to try to continue collecting from you after you have filed for bankruptcy. So what happens if you have filed for bankruptcy and a creditor doesn’t seem to care? What if you keep getting harassed even though the creditor knows you have filed for bankruptcy? Can you do anything to stop it? Yes.

The first step you should take if you are facing continued creditor harassment is to take detailed notes of all the harassment. Keep track of any kind of correspondence you get whether it’s phone calls, emails and letters in the mail or anything else. After you have tracked the harassment the next thing you should do is contact your bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney can then start the necessary legal process with the courts to get the problem to stop. If a creditor still won’t stop then you can choose to take them to court and sue them for harassment along with emotional distress.

Most creditors stop their collection efforts as soon as they learn that you have filed for bankruptcy. However, there are some that might continue trying even after a bankruptcy filing. No one who has filed for bankruptcy should have to deal with this behavior. Therefore, if you have already filed for bankruptcy but your creditors still won’t leave you alone, then you should contact your Merrillville bankruptcy lawyer for help. At Whitten & Whitten we know that some creditors can be very tough to deal with. However, we also know how to put a stop to these overzealous creditors that just won’t leave you alone. Please call us for help at 219-756-0555 if you are dealing with harassment from a creditor. You can also click here to contact us online.

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