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Most people think of bankruptcy as a very negative situation. However, while it is true that no one ever wants to go through bankruptcy, sometimes it’s necessary. Often, bankruptcy can help a person get back on track financially and assist them with starting a more fiscally responsible way of life. Despite the negative financial aspects that lead a person to file for bankruptcy, there are some benefits to choosing this option.


Can Bankruptcy Really be Helpful?

So, how can bankruptcy help you? First and foremost, bankruptcy can help relieve the burden of debt. If you’re in debt, you already understand how difficult that burden can be. Debt is like a constant weight attached to your back that never sleeps and follows you wherever you go. In certain situations, debt can even take over your life and encompass every decision you make. If you’re feeling the unstoppable weight of debt, then you should consider bankruptcy.

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Frequently Asked

Will I Lose Anything If I File for Personal Bankruptcy?

Yes. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your nonexempt assets will be liquidated to repay your creditors. These include all personal items not necessary for daily life, such as electronics and jewelry. Conversely, exempt items – integral to your daily life or occupation – are safeguarded. These often include your household goods, home, vehicle, and any items you need to perform your job.

Does My Spouse Have to File Jointly with Me?

No, the Bankruptcy Code does not require married couples to file together. You can file your bankruptcy case alone if most of the debt is in your name only. Certain debts, like medical bills and debts made in both spouses’ names, are both parties’ responsibility. In such cases, it can benefit spouses to file their bankruptcy jointly.

Who Knows About My Personal Bankruptcy Case?

Only you, the court, and anybody you choose to tell about the bankruptcy will know about your case. Although bankruptcy filings are public records, it is rare for parties outside a case to seek this information.

Will I Be Able to Rent After I File for Personal Bankruptcy?

Yes. However, having a lease application accepted can be complex if you have bad credit and a bankruptcy case on your credit history. Reducing your debt through bankruptcy can actually help you secure a lease in some cases—by removing your debt, you can appear to have a better credit risk than other applicants.

How Do I Know if I Should File for Personal Bankruptcy?

If you have a personal debt you cannot realistically repay on your own, bankruptcy might be the right course of action. If you face threatening collection calls, wage garnishment, foreclosure on your home, or repossession of your vehicle, filing for bankruptcy can stop these actions.


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