What You Need to Know to Rebuild Your Credit
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What You Need to Know to Rebuild Your Credit

What You Need to Know to Rebuild Your Credit
April 19, 2016

No one really ever intends to get into debt; it’s something that kind of just happens. A few purchases here and few more there and before you know it you have more debt than you can handle. Likewise, sometimes, a single bad purchase can ruin everything good that you’ve done to build up your credit. The bottom line is if you make bad financial choices then you are almost certainly going to end up with bad credit. In addition, some people end up with bad credit through no fault of their own, due to lost income, bad health or other difficult circumstances they encounter in life. No matter why you have bad credit you need to try to rebuild it.

So how do rebuild your credit score once it has hit a low point? While it might not always be easy, there are several things you can do. The first step you should you should take is to contact the credit report companies and ask for your credit history. This will allow you to see your credit score and all the data that is going into creating that score. It also lets you see firsthand the same information that your creditors are seeing. Next, you need to start paying off your debts as quickly and efficiently as you can. That might include setting up new payment plans with your creditors and it could include bankruptcy in some cases.

If your debt goes to collections then you will not be able to remove that from your credit history for seven years. Therefore, it’s very important to prevent this from happening because it will damage your credit history even if you pay off the debt right after it goes to collections. When you get out of debt you then need to avoid making the same kind of mistakes that got you into trouble in the first place. Avoid purchasing items you can’t afford. Slowly rebuild your credit by making small purchases with credit and then pay them off promptly.

No matter the reasons behind your bad credit the fact remains that you need to do all you can to restore your credit and move on from your financial troubles. There are many possible steps that you might have to take in order to improve your credit, and one of those could be filing for bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is a serious matter and you should not take it lightly. The best thing to do is to meet with a knowledgeable Merrillville bankruptcy attorney who can guide you carefully through the process. If you are trying to rebuild your credit then please contact the Whitten & Whitten today. Call us at 219-756-0555 or you can contact us online by clicking here.




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